The Weekend Roundup

The second installment of me lazy linking to other people.

First off though a congrats to my amazing wife Clare who completed her first trail run yesterday. Originally advertised as a 10km run it ended up being 12.5km and was done in freezing cold strong winds along the Seven Sisters along to Beachy Head. Very proud of her and shows all the effort she is putting into her running.

Now the links:

  • Two Simple Observations Regarding Women – John Scalzi reminds us of some fundamentals of human behaviour.
  • Why I don’t self-publish – An interesting post from Charlie Stross about why heĀ  doesn’t self-publish (essentially comes down to the fact he does not have the time for it). I’m aware of how much work self-publishing will be, but I also believe that traditional publishing is a perfectly viable route to go to get your work out there. I don’t think there should be a great war between self and traditional publishing, both work, and there is a whole spectrum of options both provide and in-between for authors to pursue.
  • The permanent revolution – Another Charlie Stross article this time on the subject of progress and the technological revolution. Nice and relevant as what is currently called The Three trilogy (name subject to change) will be set in a decelerando universe. This article on Rocketpunk Manifesto has more on this subject.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.