So it begins…

This has been a few years coming but I’ll leave the back story of me in another post. This one is more of a mission statement.

I am writing a book. A series of books to be precise, a space opera trilogy. I have almost finished the first draft of book one and I aim to have the final book ready and self published by the end of this year.

The series is tentatively called The Three and book one is Oranje. All names subject to change but I thought I’d put up what I have so far.

The plan is as follows:

  • First draft finished by the end of this month
  • Second draft done by the end of June (tentative date for now)¬†at which point I will get an editor and beta readers involved
  • Several months of revisions and improvements
  • First third of the book posted on this website for free for everyone to read
  • Book self published through Createspace (paper back), Amazon (ebook) and through other ebook distributors sometime before the end of the year

I am going to stick to this plan and I know I can accomplish this. The 50,000+ words of the first draft I’ve done so far have all been written this year. The goals are realistic and I am going to get it done. Once the first draft is done I will put up a back of the book description for The Three: Oranje in the books section and post up my concepts for the cover art for it.

Alongside this grand plan I will be making posts on this website to relate the progress I am making and talking about writing as I go through the process of finishing my first book. I’ve had many false starts but this one I am going to finish. I will also be doing occasional YouTube videos talking about subjects ranging from my writing to broader subjects relating to writing in general and science fiction and most likely some which are a little bit random.

So there we go, my mission statement. I am writing some books and I hope you may join me for the ride.