Looking Back at 2013, and Forward to 2014

Another year has passed, and the calendar swapped to chart the progress of the next 365 days. Both retrospective posts looking back at the past year, and ones dealing New Years resolutions are popular right now, and I thought I’d roll them into one.


This year I…

  • Thought up and outlined the rough idea for the September series
  • Rough outlined all the books in the series
  • Almost finished book one, Oranje
  • Wrote on average more than a thousand words a day when drafting, peaking at 15,000 on one day when I finished the second draft
  • Commissioned amazing cover art for the whole series

I’m really pleased with what I’ve achieved. I didn’t manage to get Oranje out this year as originally planned, but that was more down to learning about hiring editors as I went along. The delay between the second draft being complete and it going to an editor, a gap of almost two months, did allow me to think more on the setting and work in some more story elements with the second edit.


My resolutions for this year are simple:

  • Finish and self-publish Oranje
  • Finish and self-publish Choices
  • Write at least 1000 words a day, or spend a minimum of 30 minutes editing
  • Carry on blogging and talking about issues that interest me.

That first goal is very close to completion, I’m looking forward to seeing how all the others go.

Happy New Year everyone.