Hodderscape Open Submissions

Hodderscape, the UK sci-fi/fantasy/horror imprint of Hodder & Staughton, are holding open submissions in August. It’s open to authors without agents writing and novels, and I’m going to be submitting The Word.

I went the self-publishing route for Oranje as it felt the right path for me at the time, but this time round I’m interested to see if a publisher would take up The Word. Hodderscape seem to be a very good publisher with a lot of great authors on their books.

Also look at the cover art they do:

I mean holy hell they’re good!

So i’m going to be spending the next month getting The Word up to scratch for submissions, with the help of someone I’ve hired to do some character/story feedback. I think there’s a really good book here that with some editing can shine. Only time will tell.