An Update

Been quieter on here recently than I’d intended. Simple reason for that is I’ve been feeling pretty stressed recently and been dealing with things one at a time. Most of the stress has been dealt with so should be more regular posts here soon enough. Thinking I might also starting talking about my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) because it does have quite a large impact on my life and it could be useful to talk about.

In book related news, got my submission off to Hodderscape for their open submissions. They’re going to let people know if they’re interested in a submission by the end of September so fingers crossed until then.

I’ve had an editor looking over the first draft of The Word but they’ve had some issues to deal with so that’s been delayed. I’ve started to get on with getting the second draft in order, my submission to Hodderscape serving as the first 15,000 words of it. Hopefully have most of that done by the end of September.

So still plugging away at the writing, just been dealing with some things. More posts soon.