Raised in a small village in East Sussex I’ve lived in that small corner of the world all my life, and now in Brighton with my wife and our cats.

I’ve self-published one novel (Oranje, released 2014) that’s no longer available, it was planned as book one of a series but that never planned out and it was removed from sale when it was clear my plans were changing.

My life long love of science fiction started with seeing the remaster of  Star Wars: A New Hope in cinemas as a small kid, and then grew through the release of the prequel trilogy and then into books and games.

I’m interested in writing science fiction, specifically space opera, that reflects on the real world and tackle political and social topics. I take inspiration from historical events, and how they can serve as a springboard to explore a topic.

Some of my favourite authors are Terry Pratchett, Iain M Banks, Katherine Addison, Ann Leckie, and Becky Chambers.

I’m currently working on a new space opera series inspired by the English Civil War. More info when it’s ready.

By day I work in the video games industry, but I don’t cover that career on this site.