A day late with this update as I couldn’t log into wordpress last night.

Managed 10,000 words again and the second draft is sitting at 70,600 words.


  • Iain Banks has died – a sad loss to the world of books. I’m glad I decided to give the Culture books a second go after not being too fussed by Consider Phlebas. I loved Player of Games, and he created one of the most vivid sci-fi universes there has ever been. It was good to have one that gave a hopeful vision of the future instead of despair.
  • 25 Things To Know About Sexism & Misogyny In Writing & Publishing – A great article from Chuck Wending about some of the problems there are and solutions to them.
  • How Much Do We Know? – A new update on Rocketpunk Manifesto that asks a big question.