The Weekend Roundup – 30th June


The second draft has passed the 100,000 words mark and now sits at 101,000 in total. Not bad for my birthday week. I think there is around another 10-15,000 words before this draft is finished which should take me another week and a half or so.

This weeks links:

  • Doma defeated on a historic day for U.S. gay rights – I am a big support of equality for all regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation so it was great to see the decisions the Supreme Court made this week on Doma and Prop 8. I live in perhaps the most liberal place in the UK, Brighton, which is also the country’s gay capital. I love living here because it is so liberal and embraces so many of the values I hold dear. It is always a great day that sees the cause of equality advanced somewhere on this planet.
  • Reporting Harassment at a Convention: A First Person How-To – this has been re-posted on many sites and shows there is still a way to go when it comes to equality, and it will take work and dedication from all of us to make things like sexism and misogyny to go disappear.