Another week where I hit my 10,000 word goal total. Now up to 80,700 and have the end in sight for the second draft. Should be four weeks more and then it is done.


  • Three excellent pieces on sexism at terribleminds that generated a lot of discussion. This is an important issue for me as I think sexism has no place in the modern world and it was interesting seeing the wind range of responses to these articles. Unfortunately that included some people who talked about the ‘myth’ of rape culture and generally missed the point by several hundred miles. Rape culture is a thing, and it is something that should be talked about and dealt with just like many other parts of sexism.
  • Great TED talk from the writer of Wall-E – So much good information in that video for writers.
  • Write a story, not a setting – A great post on reddit that talks about how characters drive books and make them interesting, not the setting.