Phew. 113,782 words done from 21st April until 9th of July. Very happy with the pace I maintained.

It’s interesting comparing how I feel now compared to when I finished the first draft. That was elation and joy, I’d got to the end of a book. I knew it was rough and needed a lot of work but I’d made it and I already had a good idea of what I needed to change for the second draft.

This time round it was more a pause than a celebration. The second draft is a lot better than the first, the story works from start to finish and I’m a lot happier with it. But I know it needs a lot of editing and fine tuning. Coming to the end of it is more of a half way point in the process of finishing this book instead of an end itself.

Next I’m looking to find some proofreaders and an editor to go over the story to make sure it makes sense and works. Then I’ll get into the proper editing of it. I’ve got an almost 114,000 word book now I want to make it good.

Onwards I go.