Things have been quiet on here recently because of a momentous life occasion. Me and Clare now own our own house!

It’s been a bit stressful (as you can imagine!) but we’re now settling in and starting the process of making the place our own. However it has meant, along with being ridiculously busy at work, that my writing has been pretty much non-existent for the past few weeks.

I’ve managed a few bits and pieces, even outlining a 5 book series I’m going to do after the September series, but nothing on Choices. My priority is to get things settled down so I can get back into a rhythm with it. I find it easiest to write when I write every single day, and when I break the chain it’s difficult to get started again.

Discipline is important as a writer to make sure you do the simple task that is key to that title. Writing. You do that every day it becomes habit and the words flow more and more easily each time. You get lax, or slack off for a bit, and progress goes backwards.

Time to get on with it and get Choices done.