This is a bit of a re-launch of the Me and Science Fiction series. I started it as videos o youtube but the hard reality is that between a full time job and writing a 100,000+ word novel in my spare time I just can’t manage it. Videos take real time to make, time I don’t have spare.

But redoing it as a series of blog posts, now that I can manage. That is something I can work on in little bursts over a few days and have something ready to put up which just isn’t possible with videos. The videos I have already made will remain on youtube, I’m not taking them down, but the first few posts I make will cover a lot of similar ground to that they have already covered. For those who have watched the videos, I thank you for taking the time to watch them and bear with me as I go over the same points.

So what is this all about you ask? Me and Science Fiction is going to posts that go over my history with the genre, my thoughts on some recent books I’ve read and what I do and don’t like about the genre in different mediums. You know TV v books and so on and how science fiction can differ in both. Topics that I expect to cover include:

  • infodumps v description
  • how much science I like in my science fiction
  • gender, race and sexuality and how they are (and aren’t) portrayed
  • characterisation v ideas
  • ideas I am aiming to explore in the books I write

The idea behind this is because I’m still writing my first book, it’s not done yet so I can’t show it. Talking about science fiction and what I love about the genre and what I’m aiming  is a way to give you all an idea of what to expect from it, and maybe a hint as to whether you might be interested in it or not.

That’s all for now, just a brief reintroduction to the series as it were. Next part, where I explain my history with the genre and the TV shows, films and books I’ve watched and read respectively, will be up over the weekend.

Goodbye until then.